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Azoth Farm

Azoth Farm

Azoth Farm
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    New World is rich with many unique resources that can be used for various reasons: quests, leveling, crafting, housing, you name it. But unfortunately in New World fast travel is locked behind a material called Azoth - an amazing mineral with distinct magical properties, useful in multiple activities. It is always in high demand because you spend it to create an even more powerful gear for your character, or most of the time you use it to fast travel map in New World. If you seek to obtain a certain amount of the resource quickly, BestBoost.club is ready to provide a driving service to farm Azoth for you!

 Boost ETA: around 2-3 hours per 500 units of Azoth resource.

 Azoth New World farming service includes:

• Azoth - we will take your character and farm the specified amount of the resource for your character;

• Farm will be done by completing Corrupted Breaches;

• You can spend Azoth for:

    ○ Fast traveling between regions;

    ○ Strenthening the bonus effects of items in crafting;

    ○ Respec of the weapon mastery;

• You will also receive additional items during the boost, such as coins, resources, and experience for your character.

 Requirements for purchasing New World Azoth farming service:

• Your character must be level 25 or higher to purchase this service;

• If your Azoth is capped, we require you to spend it before we can continue farming the resource;

• You must have Steam Guard active;

 What Azoth can be used for?

    Main use of Azoth is fast travel. As there are no mounts in the game at the moment, your only means of traveling between regions is either running, or spending a hefty amount of Azoth to use New World fast travel locations. The other use of Azoth is in crafting: any amount you spend will enhance bonus properties and effects applied to the item. Faction armor stats can also be tinkered with by the use of And the last one, it is used to reset any perks applied to the weapon to respect your build.

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