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Faction Tokens Farm

Faction Tokens Farm

Faction Tokens Farm
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    New World divides players to join one of the free factions of conflict as soon as you reach level 10. Those factions are the mysterious Syndicate, the religious Covenant, and battle-ready Marauders. No matter which one you choose, they will have special reputation ranks and missions associated with them. You will get special faction tokens that you will trade for valuable items by completing those missions.

    The problem is that the New World reputation tokens are in constant demand if you are either a crafter or need to constantly upgrade your New World faction armor. You get many different ingredients for the crafting system that you usually don't get anywhere else. Don't want to farm Covenant Quests in the New World yourself? BestBoost.Club is ready to complete the task for you!

 New World Faction Token farming service includes:

• Faction tokens - we will take your character and farm the specified amount of faction tokens for your character. Tokens will be farmed by completing faction mission.

• Farmed faction tokens can be traded for ammunition and gear relevant to your current faction rank. Tokens are capped up to 10000 per character, so always spend them on items!

 Requirements for purchasing New World Token farming service:

• Your character must be level 10 or higher to purchase this service.

 How New World reputation faction tokens are farmed?

    After you have completed the purchase of this service, we will enter your character and go to the faction emissary. There will be six quests total available that reset after some time. Each city has its cooldown and quests associated with its respective emissaries. We will complete missions in one city and then move on to the next one until we finish farming the requested amount of the currency or reach the character cap. This is the best way for farm faction tokens. We will inform you if we reach the token cap or complete the service.

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