New World Boosting Service

     What is the New World? About the world of Aeternum.

New World is a new open world MMORPG game developed and published by Amazon Game Studios. Players are crash landed on a supernatural, mysterious land known as Aeternum. No one that arrives at the continent is ever able to leave the place, and the fate that awaits all newcomers is much more stranger than they could imagine. Explore the world inspired by the culture and designs of 17th-century, filled with arcane magics and monsters of legends from fairy tales.

     It has many different progression systems: from adventuring through unknown lands and discovering new horizons, to taking on battles against the hordes of other players. You could fight off against the evils of this world, or simply become a master crafter and gather resources across the world to turn them into the legendary gear and equipment that you can wear or sell on the market. Explore different dangerous places solo or with friends, kill monstrosities of the land and receive experience and magnificent loot, or simply relax in the ambience of the world.

     What is New World Boosting?

Boosting is a service where a skilled player will complete a task selected by you for your character. We offer a variety of New World Boosting services that you can choose from. When you purchase one or more boosts, you will have to share your account details that will ONLY allow us to play on your character and complete the purchase for you. After one of our experienced boosters logs in to your account, they will play the character on your account at designated times in order to complete selected NW services for your character.

     On our website, you can request or find any New World services on EU and US servers of the game. Our team can help you with leveling, obtaining trade skills, obtaining new gear, upgrading weapon mastery to maximum, receiving in-game coins and more. We provided our services for a long time in other MMORPG games such as WoW and L2, and now we extend our reach to new projects like New World. Just contact the operator in our online chat, we are always glad to help you and find the best solution for your needs.

     Is New World a PvP game?

Yes, PvP plays a heavy part in New World gameplay, but it's completely optional and you can play the game without ever having to fight another player. Here is a brief summary of how PvP works.

New World has three factions that you can choose from. After you join a chosen faction, you will gain certain benefits from captured territories on the island, such as decreased tax rate for crafting, new town projects you can complete to improve crafting stations, or start wars with another faction for control over territory. PvP is completely optional, and for Player-versus-Environment it doesn't matter which faction you choose - you can always turn the conflict with other players off.

• Marauders

— a ruthless military company combined with warriors of passing skill. They believe in a world where anyone with power can prosper and profit;

• Syndicate

— an organization of scientists and alchemists bound by the search for logical reasons for the existence of corruption and find forbidden knowledge to usher in a new age of enlightenment and prosperity;

• Covenant

— religious fanatics that believe the land of Aeternum must be cleansed from the corruption, and heretics and defilers must accept the holy natures for justice can be done;
After joining a faction you will become part of the community and will be able to join Companies - a guild system that is tied to your selected faction. Companies will help you to find players for PvE and PvP battles in your area. After joining one faction, you will only be able to change it after 120 days.
Factions also have a drastic role on PvP and territory aspects of the game. Being a member of a faction gives you an opportunity to conquer territories and towns in a large-scale PvP. As soon as a Company declares war on the controlled territory, you will be able to compete in sieging of a fortress to fight for the territory and its benefits. Leader of the winning Company will gain control over the territory and the town residing in it. They will be able to set a tax rate for the services provided inside town such as crafting, trading and housing as well as lesser tax for faction members.

     Can you boost in the New World?

Yes. Just as with any other MMORPG games, there are some hurdles that are either too tedious to complete, or require a lot of preparation and group of friends with the same exact goals. We know how sometimes it can be very hard to obtain those elite level items for your character, or you might just not have enough time in the day to level your character and play with your friends. This is why you can find a variety of NW boosting services our BestBoost.Club shop offers to the players.

     What can be boosted in the New World?


1) New World Power Leveling

- All MMORPG games start with you being at the weakest state in the game, and then slowly crawling on your way to the glory and, hereby, the end-game content. The problem is how time consuming it can be for any kind of player, even the most experienced ones, and New World is not an exception. With New World Power Leveling we will get your character to the maximum ourselves, all that will be left is for you to enjoy the game to the fullest;

2) New World Coins

- the game has general currency called Coins. It is usually associated with Gold from other MMO genre games and mostly used for trading between players and repairing your gear and items. It is always in high demand as you can obtain items just by trading, which is why we offer a choice to buy New World coins from our website;

3) New World Trade Skills

- professions are essential for any game to have any economy inside it. New World has its own professions called Trade Skills and is split into three categories: gathering, refining and crafting. All require a lot of attention to get to the maximum and be able to craft New World legendary weapons and items;

4) New World Faction Tokens

- Factions of the game offer their own rewards for completing tasks associated with their needs. You can obtain tokens from faction vendors and then trade said currency for equipment, relics and more;

5) New World Azoth Farm

- Azoth is a currency notoriously known for being always consumed for fast traveling at all times. Even though there are more uses for it, traveling between cities will drain it constantly. This service provides New World farming of Azoth currency;

6) New World Weapon Mastery

- New World has its own class system called Weapon Mastery. Instead of actually choosing what class you want to play, you equip two weapons you want to use. We will level chosen weapon skills to the required level;

7) New World Expeditions

- game’s version of dungeons for 3 to 5 player parties. We will defeat powerful bosses inside the instance, and obtain new gear for your character to trade or equip to become even more powerful;

     Who Are Our New World Boosters?

All boosters working closely with BestBoost.Club are experienced gamers who are carefully selected and known by us for almost a decade. We built relationships with said people and they get compensated for each and every order they take up to complete. They do not use any bots or 3rd party software and, if our clients ask for it, can stream their boosting process over on a live streaming service. This way, both parties are ensured to get the desired outcome from every New World boost they complete. They can complete almost any task available at the game and leave you satisfied with their work as they are done.

     How is New World boosting done?

1) First and foremost, contact our online support via chat at the bottom right corner of our website. Talk to our operators about how the service is done, if there are any additional requirements that must be met to complete the service, tell them what's the current state of your character that you need to complete a service for. And most importantly, designated time during which the booster can play to complete the order. All these things are important for us to finish the service the right way and leave you happy with your order.

2) As soon as boosting services purchase is completed, we will select one of available boosters to start execution of the selected tasks for your character or characters. He will enter your character in-game and will take the fastest route possible to obtain experience, items or resources you have purchased. They will play the game during designated by you time and, in case you feel like suddenly playing the game, they will stop for the time being and free your account for you to enjoy the game.

3) When the boost is done and all required tasks are finished, we will send you a message via mail, Discord or Skype about the completion of your New World services. Obtained items will be stored on your character or in the storages of different cities, and your account will be free for you to play the game whenever you wish.

     How can I boost my character in the New World?

There are different NW boosting services that you can choose from on our website. The first one that comes to mind is character leveling for the end-game content. You will be able to skip all that questing grind and get right into the action. We can also maximize selected trading skills of any category, be it gathering, refining or crafting. Want to have all weapons mastered? We got you covered. If you need some amount of a resource, tokens, Azoth or coin, our boosters in their free time do some New World farming. And, even if you don't see a service on our website, you can always contact our online support and we will offer what we can do for you.

     Can you get banned for getting boosted in the New World?

No. At the moment, developers of New World don't care about any boosting or driving of characters in their game. The only way to get banned in New World is by either abuse of in-game bugs, or execution of 3rd party software that gives you unfair advantage over other players, which we strictly avoid to keep your account safe.

     Are my account details safe with you?

Yes. All your account information will be handled with utmost care. The player who is going to pilot your character during the boost will only have access to your character and nothing else. After New World boost is completed, in case you no longer need our services, your account details will be discarded, and you will be free to change password at any given time for safe measure.

     Do you use bots, scripts or 3rd party software?

We do not use any bots, scripts or 3rd party software. During gameplay all services are completed by real players and are tracked by our operators at all times. In case you need any information about the current status of your order, contact them and they will be happy to answer.

     Can I choose the boosting time?

Yes. After you make a purchase, you can schedule with our operator at which time the account is free and available for boosting, and at which time you want it to be ready for you to play.

     Can I login to my account while you are boosting it?

Preferably not. It may compromise the security of your account if play location is changed too often and suddenly, as it also disturbs the booster during his work if it is done without his notice. Please, contact our operators first and make sure that booster is not playing on your account first. We will immediately inform them about the situation and free your character until further notice.

     Do you allow refunds?

Yes, we do have a refund policy that is set in "Terms & Conditions". Please, refer to the link at the bottom of our website.
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